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Meijer Pensioen

Independent Dutch Pension Advisor

Meijer Pensioen’s services are aimed at helping local and international customers gain and maintain control when it comes to issues in the field of Dutch pensions and everything that comes with it in the Netherlands. Meijer Pensioen’s expertise lies mainly in the field of Dutch collective pension schemes, also known as employee pensions.

Meijer Pensioen enables you to make conscious choices to achieve your objectives. Making it clear what is involved in a difficult subject such as pensions in the Netherlands and translating your wishes into practical and manageable solutions, that is the core.

Meijer Pensioen is a 100% transparent advisor. You will receive understandable, reliable, expert, affordable and independent advice.

Meijer Pensioen is fully qualified Dutch pension advisor and kept up to date with the latest developments through permanent education. We are happy to put our knowledge to use for you.

Meijer Pensioen Onafhankelijk Pensioen advies / Klanten

Edwin Meijer

Actuary / Independent Pension Advisor

Meijer Pensioen

About us

Meijer Pensioen can be found in Zuidlaren and Amersfoort and is active throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Distance is not a limiting condition for the service.

Meijer Pensioen was founded in 2014 by Edwin Meijer and Gonard Wagenaar. From Consensio BV, Gonard has been providing specialist support for years in the field of annuity annuity/golden handshake, old age obligation and self-managed pension (PEB). Edwin Meijer supplements these advisory services from Meijer Pensioen with a special focus on Dutch collective pension schemes.

Edwin Meijer has been working in the pension world as an actuary (insurance mathematician) for years. Particularly due to his mathematical background, he is very well able to understand and assess pension matters, as well as the various pension products offered in the market in the Netherlands. Combined with the fact that he is able to communicate often quite complicated pension matters in understandable language, this makes him a special Dutch pension advisor.

Tailor-made pension advice

‘You don’t just arrange a good pension, it is a careful process in which good advice is essential’

Meijer Pensioen

Our services

Employers / HR / Works Councils

  • Collective pension contracts: setting up, maintaining and renewal
  • Pension calculations
  • Second opinion on pension quotes and files
  • Pension quick scan and analysis
  • Pension communication/employee information
  • Support with employment matters and pensions
  • Carrying out/checking the pension administration/current account
  • Advising and supporting works councils regarding pensions
  • Equivalence calculations


  • Pension mapping, analysis and advice
  • Pension scenario calculations
  • Advice and guidance regarding pensions in the event of divorce
  • Advice regarding value transfer


  • Pension calculations
  • Advice and guidance regarding pensions in the event of divorce
  • Support with employment matters and pensions
  • Merger/acquisition (M&A) and the pension scheme

Always 100% transparent about pensions


Meijer Pensioen’s services are usually provided on a declaration basis. It is also possible to agree on a fixed price, depending on the work. We use current market rates. See also the various service documents under ‘downloads’. Our remuneration is clear, transparent and affordable. We do not receive any compensation or commission from pension providers and insurance companies.

Before Meijer Pensioen starts an assignment, a non-binding conversation usually takes place, after which a proposal for the work is made. This includes clear agreements about the expected costs. If during the execution of the assignment it turns out that the actual costs deviate from expectations, this will be agreed in advance.



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